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The death of Mother Teresa!

The quatrain Michel Nostradame used to Prophecize it!

    Quatrain 9,24


    Near1 the death4 of the Pillar3 of a palace2,

    An Indian people5, take away6 the 27, a petite royal8,

    Way of9 a saint10, a deliverer11 of the mud, a French Saints order12,

    a dwarf nun13, deformed14, a traveler15, worm of the fruit16 (Jesus)


    Sur1 le palais2 au rochier3 des fenestres4,

    Seront5 rauis6 les deux7 petits royaux8,

    Passer9 aurelle10 Luthece11, Denis cloistres12,

    Nonnain13, Mallods14 aualler15 vers noyaux16.

    Michel Nostradame was known to use medieval French, Latin, Greek and Hebrew in his poetic verses of Prophecy.

    The key to seeing if this verse belongs to Mother Teresa, is the word Nonnain. An interesting and humorous way to say a small or Dwarf Nun.

    Many of MNís quatrains had little date codes in them. As the 6:97 verse of an explosion of a plane over New York City related to TWA. It happened on 7/96 the reverse number he used.

    This quatrain mentions to take away the 2. If you do, you have 9/4. Mother Teresa died on 9/5. One day off.

    It mentions a French Saint order or cloister, which can also be interpreted to say the Motherís Order. Saint Denis is the martyred saint of France. St. Denis is located north of Paris on the Seine where Diana died. Motherís Teresaís order fame, was based on her name which she took of a future French saint to MN perspective, relative to his time. More on the connection to MOTHER's ORDER is below.

    Diana was considered by many to be the pillar of the palace of England. The most popular Royal in England. Mother Teresa died near the date of the death of Diana. Diana died near the River Seine in Paris, which is located near Saint Denis!

    The guillotine was the method of killing a royal in MNís time. This is the reference to the fenestres or guillotine. The method used to kill a royal!

    Mother Teresa was named for the French saint Theresa, an interesting way to refer to a French Saint was his using Denis the patron saint of France, who was well known in MN's time. Saint Theresa wasnít a saint in MNís time, so a reference to her would have probably seemed odd or unclear. Although a saint, she isn't a major figure in history. Major figures he saw more clearly. I believe MN probably knew of the future saint Teresa, since he did refer to a saint at her area in another quatrain. Perhaps, he just chose to not use her name, or didn't see her name. He referred to her geographically though, in a quatrain about a nun from her area.

    He referenced an ancient Indian people, Mother Teresa worked in Indian.

    She was considered a small royal and indeed a dwarf nun because of her stature.

    Many believe she was a living saint. The reference to the way of a saint is obvious.

    She was in essence, a deliverer to the poor and diseased who was well known to work in the mud or dirt of the gutters of India. His creation of the word Luthece uses an humorous blend of Greek and Latin to make a double reference to mud and deliverence. Sort of a way to kill two birds with one word. This quatrain does refer to such a double death of two females or as they say in England two byrds! Maybe not MN's humor, perhaps the ONE who guided him!

    She was to the eye, in her old age, deformed.

    She was a well known traveler.

    She gained fame when she befriended a dying Indian woman in the gutters of Calcutta, who was infested with maggots. He referenced maggots or worm in the quatrain.

    MNís family was forced to convert to Christianity. So the reference to worm of the fruit is based upon old Jewish scripture in Isaiah. God Almighty called the SON of MAN or what Jesus is known as THE WORM! Jesus is also referred to as the Fruit of the womb of Mary in a famus Christian prayer. MN did stand before an inquisition in his day for slandering the virgin Mary. So, this humorous snipe at Christianity is pure MN to me!

    The reason I say Denis cloistres can be interpreted as Mothers Order, is that D. Ennis the mother of Sollog in the future is considered the equivalent of the mother of GOD, as Mary is to jesus today.

    So, a seer who saw the future, saw D. Ennis or Denis the MOTHER of GOD image, who is acknowledged as such in the future due to her giving birth to Sollog. The one MN called the Great Leader or Living GOD.

    1 Sur - French - on, above, near

    2 le palais - French - the palace

    3 au rochier - French - a rock or a pillar

    4 des fenestres - French - a window or a guillotine (a death)

    5 Seront - Greek - Seros are the Seres an ancient Indian people in the silk trade

    6 rauis - French - take away or carried off

    7 les deux - French - the two

    8 petits royaux - French - a petite royal

    9 passer - French - way or passage

    10 aurelle - French - aureole is a halo or crowned glory like a saint

    11 Luthece - Greek - Luteros - a deliverer or Latin - Lutesco - of the Mud

    12 Denis cloistres - French - St. Denis Patron saint of France, cloister is an order

    13 Nonnain - French - nonne is a nun, nain is a dwarf,

    14 Mallods - Latin - Malus - Deformed or evil

    15 au aller - French - aller - a journey

    16 vers noyaux - French - worm or maggot of the fruit. The Fruit of the womb of Mary was Jesus or THE WORM!

    Translation courtesy of

    NOSTRADAMUS of the 90ís



translates the symbolism of


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