Written by Sollog

October 5th, 1996

TWA 800, Valujet 592, TWO crashes in LIMA, a crash in CALI and another in the CARIBBEAN are All CONNECTED to the tragic number of 103 and 113! Thatís the flight number of the LOCKERBEE tragedy SEVEN years ago! Exactly as predicted in a WARNING about NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY that was given in PHILADELPHIA over ONE YEAR ago in a US COURT ROOM by me to warn of the FUTURE where NUKE TERRORISM is a reality!

Fact is somethimes stranger than FICTION! Believe it or NOT!

This is how the flight number 103 of the LOCKERBEE TRAGEDY connects to the recent string of PLANE TRAGEDIES! It started on the SEVEN year anniversary of LOCKERBEE flight 103 in CALI! A plane crash struck SEVEN years to the date of the tragedy of flight 103! Thatís ONE!

Then flight number 301, the reverse of 103, goes down in the Caribbean just off of PUERTA PLATA! Thatís TWO!

On 2/29, leap day, which is normally 3/01 or 103 in reverse, a plane crashes in LIMA! Thatís THREE connected to 103!

On 5/11 Valujet 592 crashes in MIAMI, ADD the date and the flight number 511+ 592 = 1103, 103 and itís reverse 301 appear in the total! The number 113 also appears! Thatís FOUR!

TWA flight 800 crashes, 230 die! ADD the flight number and the death count, 800+230=1030, 103 and 301 again appear in the total! Thatís FIVE!

On 10/2 another crash happens in LIMA, remember itís leap year so it would normally be 10/3 or 103, the reverse of the leap day crash in LIMA! Thatís SIX!

They all CONNECT to LOCKERBEE 103! Most of the flights also connected to MIAMI or LIMA, the word I AM appears in both names! I told you ĎI AM who I AMí!


Editors Note:

SwissAir 111 crashed on 09/02 or 902

Add the date to the flight number 902+111=1013

103 Appears again!

EgyptAir 990 crashed on 10/31 Halloween!

Again, THE 103 and 113 appear!


KenyaAir Crash on day of Super Bowl 34!

The date was 30/1

Again THE 103!

It was an AirBus 301-300

Again THE 103!


AlaskanAir 261 crash

It occurred on 31/01

Again THE 103 and 113 appear!


Air Phillipines Flight 541

Date 19/4

131 DEAD the number 113 appears!

Flight 541 and 491 (reverse of date 194) = 1032

The number 103 and 113 both appeared!

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