Baghdad Terrorism on Middle East Pentagram of Blood

Messiah ERASED from Bibles


Baghdad Terrorism on

Middle East Pentagram of Blood

All the Pentagrams of Blood my TERRORISM PROPHECY revealed are becoming active and Baghdad was named directly by me in my TERRORISM PROPHECY.

I named Paris and Istanbul in my 13th Winter Solstice Prophecies as Cities for DEATH.

I named Tripoli and Cairo in my Terrorism Prophecy as well and we had major terrorism in both locations. So every major act of Terrorism from Paris to Baghdad struck in a city I NAMED in a prophecy for DEATH.

Over and over new major terrorism events are occurring and it was not until I wrote my TERRORISM PROPHECY last November of 2015 that so many Terror events started to happen.

We have moved into the age of GLOBAL TERRORISM and the next events will see historic earthquake ruin major cities and then the big event the ELE or EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT a large asteroid will hit earth and 99.9% of humanity will be DEAD.

So let the MORONS enjoy their last few days on earth posting bullshit on Facebook and Twitter about how important their nothing lives are, they are all DEAD SOON.

You all will be JUDGED on what you did to help spread my warnings about the asteroid. Those that helped pass the test, the rest will have their souls destroyed for eternity.


The survivors are in Safe Zones and the rest will just DIE and get judged.

You no longer need to save money and acquire wealth,


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Messiah ERASED from Bibles


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