33rd Prophecy by Sollog

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33rd Prophecy

E – NE
Here is Wisdom

33rd Degrees in Free Masons
33rd President had a 33rd Degree
33rd Line was the Trinity Test

33rd Line straddles Hiroshima & Nagasaki
33rd Line was Roswell
33rd Line has Pyramids in Xi’an

33rd Line is the Phoenix
33rd Line is Atlanta
33rd Line is Baghdad

33rd Line is the great Quake
33rd Line is the Plane Crash
33rd Line is the Assassination

33rd is the New World Order
33rd is the Illuminati
33rd is the Free Masons

33rd is the Occult
33rd is UFO’s
33rd is the Line of Death

33rd Chapter of Ezekiel
33rd Verse of Ezekiel
33rd of the 33rd

And when this cometh to pass
Lo, it will come
Then shall they know that a PROPHET hath been among them

Written Friday the 13th of February 2015 C.E.
The Word of ONE!



Messiah ERASED from Bibles


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