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Sollog the Movie by Adoni Films

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Typhoons, Quakes and Tsunamis strike WHEN SOLLOG WARNED!

In case you're new to The Prophecies of Sollog. In 1995 Sollog started writing his now world famous PROPHECIES. Since then, Sollog has AMAZED his fans all over the world with his Prophecies that are even more accurate than Nostradamus! Some of the Major Events Sollog gave exact details of BEFORE they occured were, 911, Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, the 2004 Tsunami and the deaths of both Princess Diana and JFK Jr. Almost every major tragedy since 1995 can be found in one of the SOLLOG PROPHECIES.


Below are TIME-STAMPED Sollog Prophecies archived by Google. They PROVE Sollog knows THE FUTURE! Here is the infamous Sollog 911 Warning check out this News Article. Here is the Sollog Earthquake Prophecy that gave the exact date for the 2004 Quake that created the Tsunami that killed over 250,000 People. Check out the News Article. Time Stamped Warning of Great Quake that caused 2004 Tsunami Time Stamped Warning. Before Katrina destroyed New Orleans Sollog warned of it in Sollog's New Orleans Edict that is a US Federal Court Record. Here's a News Article. Before New Orleans and Galveston were DESTROYED by hurricanes, Sollog released this warning naming both cities. Sollog's Hurricane Prophecy. Here's a News Article. When the Dow Jones was at it's all time high, Sollog warned of the imminent Stock Market Crash and the Rise of Obama. Here's a two news articles News Article 1 and News Article 2

Sollog's BULLET IN THE HEAD PROPHECY in the 010111 Prophecy hits Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Here is time-stamped prophecy Prophecy Here is Article


Many fans of Sollog consider him to be THE GREAT GENIUS that Nostradamus wrote about! He has released scientific formulas that PROVE the solar system was intelligently designed! These Formulas are known as TCF - The Creator Formula and PDF - Planetary Distance Formula. These SCIENTIFIC FORMULAS are PROOF of Intelligent Design to this SOLAR SYSTEM! THEY ARE PROOF OF A CREATOR!


Now you can get a Personal Reading by Sollog. Sollog's newest book, Origina of God (soon to be released) presents PROOF the Bible was created by MAN. Here's a News Article about how Sollog PROVED the Bible is a FAKE. If you believe in Jesus, here is PROOF Jesus called Barack Obama SATAN! Sollog recently revealed PROOF that the number 666 IS NOT IN THE ORIGINAL TEXT of the New Testament. Here is a News Article about how 666 IS NOT in Greek Bible! Check out the New Sollog Prophecy - 666 and the New Sollog Prophecy The Barack Prophecy. Check out the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD PROOF 911, the OK City Bombing, the VA Tech Massacre, the Columbine massacre and even Waco are ALL CONNECTED.

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