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KABBALLAH Analysis by Sollog

What is a Kabballah?

Kabballah is also known as Cabala and Kaballah and other various ways to transliterate an ancient word that means words have a mathematical value and relationship to other words of similar values.

In ancient times, man used letters of the early alphabets as numbers. Roman numerals is a version of this. In EBRI (Hebrew), the study or analysis of words for a numerical value is known as KABBALLAH. Sollog is perhaps the greatest Kabbalist on earth!

In Greek, this art or science was called Gematria. The famous New Testament reference to 666 is Gematria or a form of Kabballah.

What is the value of your name? What words have YOUR NUMBER?

Understanding THE VALUE of your name, is part of the ritual or belief of KABBALLAH. If you want Sollog to REVEAL to you the NUMBER OF YOUR NAME and what your name really means, you need to get a KABBALLAH analysis by Sollog.

FOR INFO about having Sollog do a Kabballah analysis for you


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