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There are literally thousands of articles on-line about Sollog. Check any search engine (Google has OVER 10,000 Sollog pages). These are just a few of the latest articles about Sollog and his amazing Prophecies. To see more articles about Sollog's Prophecies

Typhoons, Quakes and Tsunamis strike WHEN SOLLOG WARNED!

Continental Flight 3047 Crashes ON EXACT DATE Sollog warned!


SOLLOG REVEALS 666 NOT in Greek Bible!

The Sollog Prophecy of 666

Hurricane Ike LEVELS Galveston as Sollog Warned!

Did Jesus Claim Barack Obama is SATAN?

China Quake Kills Thousands On Exact Date Sollog Warned!

Sollog's Suit Case NUKE WARNING

911 Occurs EXACTLY as Sollog warned

New York City goes on HIGH ALERT due to Sollog terrorism warning

MAJOR ERRORS in Harold Camping's "We Are Almost There"

Is BLACK MAGIC the POWER of Barack S. Obama?

New Orleans DESTROYED as Famous Sollog Prophecy warned

Over 250,000 die in 2nd GREAT XMAS DAY Quake exactly when Sollog warned

100,000 die in Islamabad Pakistan Quake EXACTLY where Sollog warned

Sollog tells Secret Service BIBLE CODE predicts DEATH OF BUSH by Osama in JERUSALEM

The 902 Prophecy - Amazing Prophecy or Coincidence?

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