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911 - Tragedy strickes USA on 911 EXACTLY as Sollog warned

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Byline - Staff of 24 7 News
Date - September 21st 2001


It's a number that will live in infamy...

Seems FDR said that, almost. Anyway, 911 was thrown around the Net recently as the DATE for JUDGMENT to hit the USA by a Usenet poster named LEO PHOENIX.

Leo is what some call a SOLLOGITE. That means he is a fan of the Internet sage and seer SOLLOG.

Leo recently warned GODS WRATH would kill thousands in the USA. He started a thread on 8/31/01 with the subject line 911 in Usenet.

He was mocked as many are in Usenet for their bizarre rants. However, after 911 occurred many said NOTIFY THE FBI Leo Phoenix is a terrorist.

Der Spiegel did a few articles on Sollog. The New York Times wrote about Leo Phoenix and said he was a "Lucky Nutter".

Leo Phoenix did an article. In it he said "Angels appeared to me before 911, they told me SOLLOG IS GODS GOD."

Sollog warned of 911 in 1998. The post is in Usenet too. It says 911 will be tragic for Washington DC. Three years later it was.

Sollog is very famous on the Net. There are thousands of pages about him if you check any search engine. The reason is Sollog puts out exact dates for ACTS OF GOD. You know earthquakes and such. He is often exact in specific details of future events.

Rare quakes usually do occur on exact dates he gives. Hurricanes seem to strike where he says.

Sollog is also known for his mathematical prowess. He has released some mathematical works PROVING the earth was DESIGNED.

It seems many FBI agents are looking to interview Sollog about his 911 Prophecy...

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