The Prophecy of 666


Sophia esti Phos kai Alethia!


Wisdom is Light and Truth!

Christian, your scriptures have been corrupted! The TRUTH is when you look at your "Holy Texts" for 666, in the original GREEK Texts!

Revelations 13:18 shows three Greek letters for 666. See Strong's Greek word 5516. Chi-Xi-Sigma. In Greek gematria (the assigning of numerical values to letters of the alphabet) the sum of these three letters is 540, NOT 666!

Chi is 400.

Xi is 50.

Sigma is 90.

Now here is Sophia (WISDOM).

These three numbers point to KABBALLAH! The Hebrew system of gematria.

400 = Tav (letter T)

50 = Nun (letter N)

90 = Sadhe (letter S or Tz)

So, the verse of 666 (Really 540) points to 3 Hebrew letters S, T, N.

In Hebrew there are 3 letters that can transliterate into an "S". Samech, Sadhe and Shin (which is also Sin).

There are two letters in Hebrew that can transliterate into a "T". Teth and Tav.

The "Great Satan" of the New Testament IS NOT A HEBREW FIGURE OF THEOLOGY! There are two SATAN'S in Hebrew, depending on which letter "T" you use.

Strong's Hebrew 7854 Shin-Teth-Nun which is an "accuser". And Strong's Hebrew 8366 Shin-Tav-Nun which means to "Piss on the wall!" The difference is using a Tav instead of Teth!

So, the Greek intellects that wrote the Greek scriptures were writing ancient Greek PORNEIA (sexual material or our modern PORNO).

The Greek New Testament was literally a DIRTY JOKE about PISS ON A WALL, or SATAN in Hebrew spelled with a Tav.

The SAME KEY LETTER in the 666 (540) Riddle is Tav or Hebrew Kabballah for 400! The "T" to create PISS ON A WALL out of SATAN!

So, the 666 or 540 Riddle was THE REVEALING OF THE JOKE! THERE IS NO SATAN! (hahaha) It was all a JOKE about using different letters in Hebrew to create DIRTY words that sound similar.

Interestingly, "if" the clue was

Omega 600

Omicron 60

Zeta 6

That would be 666, not 540.

In Hebrew Kabbalah 666 would be

Final Mem = 600 (letter "M")

Samech = 60 (letter "S")

Vaw = 6 (letter "U or O")

U-S-M would be SATAN. (U.S. Military?)

In Hebrew it would be pronounced US(a)M(a).


WOW! OSAMA (Usama) Bin Laden, he certainly qualifies as an EVIL ONE to most in the western world, yet a HERO to others in the Islamic world!

However, U-Sam(2) is actually Sumerian. It means

U = Lord

Sam(2) = Buy/Sell/Trade (Commerce)

So the LORD of Commerce is the correct Sumerian translation of 666! And it fits Chapter 13 of Revelations PERFECTLY!

Chapter 13 in Revelations is all about a literal LORD OF COMMERCE and his "MARK". SAM is also the root of the Hebrew word for Mark (Sama).

So, U-Sama in a Sumerian-Hebrew hybrid logogram, would mean "Lord of the Mark" and would have the value of 666 in Kabbalah.

However, since the oldest copies of Revelations are in GREEK, the correct value in Gematria (Greek Kabballah) is 540, NOT 666!

Oh, lord Immanuel (aka Jesus) did literally tell you who SATAN is in Luke 10:18. He said, "I SAW SATAN AS LIGHTNING!"

In Hebrew, LIGHTNING is BARACK! Beth-Resh-Qoph. See Strong's Hebrew word 1300 or Strong's Greek word 913 (Barack is even Lightning in GREEK!)

Perhaps Rome created the 666 info to MISLEAD Christians from the simple TRUTH! The Greek text shows 540 or STN in Hebrew, a phonetic way to say S(a)T(a)N. Showing SATAN is really PISS ON A WALL!

So of course, SATAN is the NAME OF THE BEAST! As the Brits say, Revelations is a PISSER!


Quite an AMUSING JOKE I do say...

Written by Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni on the 28th Day of September 2008 C.E.

Edited by Sollog 01/01/2009

Due to the IGNORANCE over this issue, what VALUE does Chi Xi Sigma have in Greek Gematria, I note why many are CONFUSED.

Current Greek Gematria charts contain two major errors. NO VALUES for the number 6 nor number 90. When the Greek Alphabet is correctly put into a Gematria chart, the TRUE VALUE is exactly what I stated 540.

Some IGNORANT OCCULTISTS have tried to show other values for these letters, usually it is 860. It is not.

There seems to be some claiming the original texts used an ancient DIGAMMA, the missing number 6. That is false.

The LATIN Vulgate is where THE ERROR CAME FROM.

hic sapientia est qui habet intellectum conputet numerum bestiae numerus enim hominis est et numerus eius est sescenti sexaginta sex

That is the LATIN VERSE, note how 666 is given IN LATIN.

So you can thank JEROME for the ERROR!

As the FOREMOST EXPERT in HISTORY on Kabballah and Gematria, MY MATH IS PERFECT.

After all, MY MATH created THE UNIVERSE...

But, that's another story...

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