The vision of the great spirit of Michel Nostradame appeared unto me!

He said, "My LORD, the world is nigh to when GREAT EVIL will occur!"  He showed me four Hebrew characters.  Mem-beth-vau and shin.  Michel then bowed and said, "I must go my LORD!"

The word was Ma-BUSH.  Hebrew for "FROM BUSH"!  Beth-vau-shin in Hebrew is BUSH!  While modern Hebrew translates beth-vau-shin as "shame", in archaic useage it means to DO EVIL, an "evil doer"!  It's origin is Sumerian for BA-USH, or House of DEATH!

With a wink of his eye, the great Nostradamus vaporized.  In the trailing mist, I saw a three headed BEAST!

First, I saw two heads clearly, OSAMA and BUSH.  OSAMA-BUSH or O-SA-MA-BUSH, MA-BUS was formed!

Secondly, I saw OBAMA with BUSH, OBAMA-BUSH or O-BA-MA-BUSH!  Once again, MA-BUS was formed!

I could clearly see the 3 HEADED BEAST, the MA-BUS(H) that the GREAT NOSTRADAMUS warned of!

George Bush the first, led the CIA when OSAMA was TRAINED to be a TERRORIST!

George Bush the second, led the USA when OSAMA struck on 911!

Will OBAMA be the one to use the NUCLEAR TRIGGER...

From BUSH (MA-BUSH in Hebrew) OSAMA was CREATED!

OSAMA-BUSH is a clear pointer to MABUS!

OBAMA-BUSH is a clear pointer to MABUS!

Will BUSH use his NUKES...

Will OBAMA be the one to use nukes...

Will OSAMA use a NUKE...

Now THE WORLD knows who is the MA-BUS(H) of the GREAT NOSTRADAMUS!

Written on the 5th Day of January 2008 C.E. by Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni.  The 27th Day of the 10th Month of 5768 (Kaph-Zayin-Theth-Beth-Tau)