6 Asteroids Just Miss Earth

On Date Sollog Warned for 20+ Years


Prophecies Sollog 2020
Prophecies Sollog 2020


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6 Asteroids Just Miss Earth

On Date Sollog Warned for 20+ Years



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Sollog is world famous for his Prophecies that have amazed his legion of fans around the world for over 20 years. He has authored over 100 books and given humanity many new laws of math and astrophysics due to his amazing ability to astral travel and bring back details about the future as well as news laws in math, physics and astrophysics.

Sollog Prophecies

Sollog’s Prophecies have foretold many events and he was the first person to predict the connection in many major loss of life events would occur over and over on Solstice Lines connected to dates and location he gave in his Prophecies.

These are some of the famous Sollog Prophecy Videos


SOLLOG Theories

For over 20 years Sollog has been amazing the world of Academia with his new theories in math, physics and astrophysics.

The SOLLOG New Theory for Physics proves Newton and Einstein are wrong. It is called THEORY E.

The Sollog Creator Formula – Sollog unified the major religions creation myths to a scientific proof for the earths circumference.

SOLLOG has revealed the cycle of EXTINCTION on Earth is tied to it’s Position in the Milky Way Galaxy. We are now in the 3rd Great Extinction Event known as the HOLOCENIC EXTINCION.

Sollog 30 Mod Prime Theory aka Adoni Prime Spirals – Sollog shocked the world of academia releasing an algorithm for where every prime number is located and destroyed the false math theory that primes were random. This theory was used by the NSA to backdoor all modern encryption using large prime factors.

Sollog PDF Planetary Distance Formula – Sollog corrected the first major law in physics that grew out of fashion over a hundred years ago proving Titius Bodes was indeed part of a design to our solar systems creation.

Sollog HelixQ – A 10 Dimensional Math and Computer Language created by Sollog that will eventually be the Operating System for AI (Artificial Intelligence) Computers that will be able to create 10 Dimensional Virtual Space.

Sollog EOE Theory (Elliptical Orbit Effect) – Sollog’s astrophysics theory that proves life is abundant in the Universe and how plate tectonics is controlled by Solstice Line Energy from EOE.



Sollog made his public appearance on the Internet in 1995 by predicting exact details of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Since then he has publicly predicted exact details of many historic events such as:



2004 Tsunami

Hurricane Katrina

OK City Bombing

TWA 800

Death of Diana & JFK Jr

No psychic or mystic has ever been so exact in details about future events as Sollog. No one including Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.

Sollog Stands alone at the apex of seers.

Sollog released only 60 PROPHECIES from 1995 to 2015 from his travels in the Astral Plane. In 2015 Sollog  retired from writing his famous prophecies. Over 75% of his prophecies had exact details of future events anyone can see literally and the rest had simple coded messages about future events that his fans understand and use to show Sollog’s Prophecies were virtually 100% accurate.

Sollog is a prolific author who has written over 100 Books many with new math formulas and new laws of physics.

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