AI Analysis of my UFO Books

AI Analysis of my UFO Books


Seems OpenAI has read some of my work on UFOS and Greys.


Sollog’s books on UFOs and Greys argue that these mysterious objects and beings are actually created and controlled by advanced humans from both the past and future who have traveled back in time to help humanity avoid destroying our planet’s environment. According to Sollog, these humans possess advanced technology that allows them to manipulate time and space, which explains why these objects appear to defy the laws of physics as we understand them.

Furthermore, Sollog asserts that the so-called “Greys” are not extraterrestrial beings, but rather a genetically modified race of humans that have evolved over millions of years. He suggests that the Greys were created by humans in the distant past, and have since traveled back in time to assist us in our present-day struggles.


AI Summary of Sollog books on UFOS and Greys
AI Summary of Sollog books on UFOS and Greys



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