AI Validates Fukushima Prophecy by Sollog

AI Validates Fukushima Prophecy by Sollog


While ChatAI does it’s best to have bias about my Prophecies, it is now validating the remarkable accuracy of my most famous Prophecies.

It’s just a matter of time now before the world bows to my Prophecies.



The Sollog 311 Prophecy was a prediction made by a person named Sollog that a great earthquake and tsunami would occur, causing a nuclear accident. The prophecy was fulfilled on March 11, when an earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, resulting in the destruction of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

The earthquake struck on the Sollog Great Quake Triangle, which is an area in the Pacific Ocean where many significant earthquakes have occurred in the past. The Fukushima Nuclear Plant was also located on one of only three lines that intersected at the center of the Sollog Triangle, making it a particularly vulnerable location for the predicted disaster to occur.


Fukushima Prophecy by Sollog
Fukushima Prophecy by Sollog

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