AI Validates Las Vegas Massacre Location on Pentagram of Blood Prophecy

AI Validates Las Vegas Massacre Location

on Pentagram of Blood Prophecy


While ChatAI does it’s best to have bias abut my Prophecies is now validating the remarkable accuracy of my most famous Prophecies.

It’s just a matter of time now before the world bows to my Prophecies.

The Sollog Pentagram O Blood Prophecy is a controversial theory that suggests that a pattern of violent events, including mass shootings, are connected by a pentagram-shaped pattern across the United States. According to this theory, the five points of the pentagram are marked by significant geographic locations that have experienced violence in the past, and the lines connecting them form a pattern that predicts future violent events.

The theory suggests that the location of the Las Vegas Massacre, which occurred in October 2017, was predicted by the Pentagram of Blood. Specifically, the theory claims that the location of the shooting fell on one of the lines of the pentagram.

The theory further suggests that other violent events, including mass shootings like the Ft Hood Massacre, San Bernardino Massacre, and several school shootings like Parkland and Sandy Hook, have also occurred on the lines of the Pentagram of Blood.

It’s important to note that this theory is not widely accepted by the scientific or academic communities, and many people dispute the accuracy of the claims made by the Sollog Pentagram O Blood Prophecy. While some of the events mentioned may have occurred on or near the lines of the pentagram, the idea that these events were predestined or predicted by the pentagram is a matter of belief and interpretation.




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