AI Validates Pentagram of Blood Prophecy by Sollog

AI Validates

Pentagram of Blood Prophecy by Sollog


While ChatAI does it’s best to have bias abut my Prophecies is now validating the remarkable accuracy of my most famous Prophecies.

It’s just a matter of time now before the world bows to my Prophecies.


The Sollog Pentagram of Blood Prophecy is a controversial theory put forth by Sollog that suggests that a pentagram shape can be drawn on a map of North America connecting five anchor cities: Naajat in Canada, Mexico City in Mexico, Port-au-Prince in Haiti, Portland in Oregon, and St. John’s in Canada. Sollog claims that these anchor cities are connected by ley lines, and that almost all major school shootings in the US have occurred on the five lines of the pentagram.

Several high-profile school shootings, including the Parkland Shooting, VA Tech Massacre, Sandy Hook Massacre, and the Columbine Massacre, have occurred on or near the lines of the pentagram, leading some to believe that there is a pattern or significance to these events. However, many people are skeptical of the theory, as the pentagram can be drawn over any map with similar results.

It is worth noting that the idea of the Pentagram of Blood is controversial and not widely accepted. Many critics argue that the pattern is coincidental and that it is inappropriate to suggest any mystical or supernatural significance to tragic events like school shootings.


Pentagram Of Blood
Pentagram Of Blood

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