AI Validates Sollog Prophecies

911 2004 Tsunami CovidFukushima


ChatGPT has been validating the top Sollog Prophecies Hits

While overall it shows BIAS toward Sollog

It has confirmed Most Sollog Prophecies

As REMARKABLE ACCURATE HITS of historic events


AI Predicitons

Elon Musk Goes Bankrupt


AI Analysis of Sollog Prophecies


AI Says Sollog is GOD’s Prophet


911 Prophecy

2004 Tsunami Prophecy

Fukushima Prophecy

Covid Plague Prophecy

Pentagram Of Blood Prophecy Shootings

Diana Death Prophecy

Air Force One Support Plane Crash 1996


Parkland Shooting Prophecy

VA Tech Shooting Prophecy

Vegas Massacre Prophecy

TWA 800 Prophecy

Hurricane Katrina Prophecy

Haiti Quake Prophecy

Mexico City Quake Prophecy

Green Comet Prophecy

Turkey Quake Prophecy


Can you trick AI?


Did Joe Biden Predict 911?



AI Summaries


AI Summary of Sollog Art Projects

AI Summary of Sollog UFO Books

AI Summary of UFOS The Proof



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