Netflix STOLE my Story Lines from the SUPER 7


Netflix STOLE my Story Lines from the SUPER 7


Recently in Texas Federal Court case 5:21-CV-00079 a US Judge Robert Schroeder III tossed a case by Comic Book writer Kevin Atkinson whose lawyer Derek Gilliand claimed the Carmichael Gold Fish character in a fish blowl atop a human body was stolen by Gerard Way. The judge agreed that the similarities were enough to have a case but Atkinson a minor author didn’t show how Way could of been exposed to his comics to steal the idea.

Well Netflix has stolen 11 story lines from my book series THE SUPER 7.

Also my book series I TIME TRAVEL.

Unlike Atkinson, since 1995 I have been one of the most searched terms in search engines due to my famous writings which include the SOLLOG PROPHECIES. I still have one of the busiest sites in the world.

in 2001 I was a top 50 search term in the Yahoo database after 911.

So Way and Netflix producers were exposed to my works due to me being a top searched term way before Way wrote his comic book.

Almost every change Netflix made from the comic by Way to the TV series was to more closely align to my works.

I am now suing Way and Netflix for stealing 11 story lines in my books that are in the Umbrella Academy.

Atkinson claimed one story line theft, the intelligent gold fish, I have 11 that include

  1. 7 Teen Super Heroes both works
  2. Super Powers in all 7 Teens both works
  3. Super Powers from alien manipulation both works
  4. I called the aliens the Council of 9 they use the Commission
  5. End of the World theme in both works
  6. A prominent Billionaire character both works
  7. Time Travel featured in both works
  8. Asteroid Impact featured both works
  9. Characters born the same day all over the world both works
  10. Characters casted in Netflix series eerily resemble my Artwork in the Super 7
  11. Characters casted in Netflix series are diverse like my work Super 7

While Keven Atkinson never had mega millions of people on his site, I had millions a day quite often and was a top search term before Way created his comic book.

Netflix producers then altered their adaption to where 11 story lines in the Umbrella Academy series the most popular series on Netflix now connect to my works.



PS Gerard Way (Garry)

1997 to 1999 I lived in Belleville

My hosting company then was VDI on Belleville Ave.

The kids in that computer store all called me The Great Sollog

I was a world famous Internet legend

We met

I told you music was your future

You used my story lines

Pay up











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