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Prophecies of Sollog

Exclusively on 1 eBooks

Prophecies of Sollog on 1 eBooks

Before Amazon knew what an eBook was I was selling my work on my site and also on a site I help to bring to the world, that being 1 eBooks.

Now after much thought I have decided to allow my book Prophecies of Sollog to be only available via 1 eBooks.

I just simply do not need to be on the sewers of eBook channels such as Amazon and BN with my Prophecies.

The simple fact is authors such as myself with a large fan base only hurt their book sales and income by using eBook channels such as Amazon that does nothing to promote an authors title, in fact if an author had a brain he or she would realize their famous names and book titles are being misused by Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos to sell other books and products.

For over 20 years my work has been sold in eBook format, that being mostly PDF which is a superior eBook format to anything done by Kindle or Nook or iBooks. An author and editor can control how their pages display and they can use footnotes and ancient language fonts as I often use to give the reader a far better digital experience than anything Jeff Bezos and Amazon can do with the crappy kindle reader.

Every eBook reader has an app to read real eBook files those being done in PDF from Adobe where things like footnotes and ancient language fonts are able to be used.

If you are a top author with a following, seriously why are you letting your work on Amazon and BN?

Get out of your old world publisher contracts, sell your eBooks on your site direct to your fan or get an exclusive deal like I did with 1 eBooks.

There is zero reason for any legitimate author to put their work in the sewer that Amazon is now for eBooks. Just look at the crap being sold there on YOUR BOOK TITLES.

Do you like seeing Amazon push crap that couldn’t even be read by a legitimate editor at a legitimate publishing house on your titles on those sites?

Of course you don’t like it and now you’re famous, you have a website, major media begs you to be on their networks and you have millions of followers in social media.

Why are you still in old publishing contracts giving all that money to Amazon and your Publisher? You don’t need them.

I got $49.99 a download for my Prophecies of Sollog for almost 2 decades without Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Who is Amazon to take 30% of my sales and then say if I dare to sell my prophecies for what my fans are willing to pay that being $49.99 that Jeff Bezos wants 70% of the sale.



Sell your Books on your own site authors, if you want to still give PRINT RIGHTS only to old world publishers go sell them, but now way over 50% of all book sales are EBOOKS.

I’m sure a top author can easily get $19.99 or $29.99 for their new eBooks. Why are you giving anyone any percentage of that sale?

Why are you waiting months to get paid tiny royalties?

Why are you allowing fake reviews of haters to pollute your title and name on crap sites like Amazon?

Why are you allowing Amazon and BN to sell other books and products on your precious book titles to your fans?

With access to major media a famous author can easily say my new book is on MYNAME.com and sell direct.

Or they can let an exclusive eBook channel like 1 eBooks handle the sales and give most of the sale to the author and they pay weekly or monthly to authors and publishers.

The idea behind 1 eBooks was to have a new eBook distribution channel so authors and publishers can list their titles and have links to their own sites to SELL DIRECT.

Some authors and publishers can’t figure out how to sell direct so 1 eBooks can do that, but the network was designed to help Publishers and Authors to DIRECT TO READERS and FANS.

How Amazon was given so much power by the morons running old world publishing companies makes me shake my head and to coin the Donald of Trump say, “YOU ARE FIRED” to every CEO of every major publishing company that screwed up eBook sales so badly for authors.

Any author or publisher can list for FREE in the FREE eBook forum at 1 eBooks and your listings go right to Twitter on a Book account with major KLOUT so your title gets on major topic pages if you use their FREE FORUM.

They have a premium search section for larger publishers that want to list thousands of titles and then have all the titles PUSH to the page on that publishers site TO SELL DIRECT. They can do the same thing with any author as well.

Then they have a they sell it area where they sell, collect the money and distribute the file in any format you want from PDF to ePub which works on every eBook reader around.

They have fast weekly or monthly payments if you need them to sell for you if you haven’t mastered digital sales carts and processing software yet.

There’s a better way for authors and publishers to SELL eBooks, it through their own sites and or with the help of the top eBook channel in the world, that is 1 eBooks.

Here is my Agents article on my exclusive deal with 1 eBooks.

Sollog signs exclusive deal with 1 eBooks



Podcasts - SOLLOG - Thee End - Real Paranormal



Readings - Books - Crystals - Music - Art  - Videos

SOLLOG The Greatest Mystic since Nostradamus

Author 100+ Books - Writer 100+ Songs

Sollog Art on eBay Auctions


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