Queen Dies on Day Sollog Predicted

Queen Dies on Day Sollog Predicted

1997 Article on Sollog’s Diana Prophecy that Hit


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1997 Article on Sollog’s Diana Prophecy that Hit

Sollog was criticized after the death of Princess Diana for Publicly Predicting the exact date she would die. It was his famous Goddess of the Moon Prophecy he put in a paid ad in a Phiadelphia Magazine. Here is a Washington Post Article saying how he was major news in the early days of the Net when Princess Diana died. The Article was published on September 8th 1997, 8 days after Diana Died on 8/31/1997 or a day with 1 8 3 in it. This date of the Article 25 years to the day is the exact date when the Queen would also die.

The Guardian mocked Sollog in regards to him predicting the Death of Diana and also the Columbine Massacre which struck the famous Pentagram of Blood of Sollog as have almost every School Shooting in the USA.

In 2005 Sollog penned his 1000 Quatrains, 3 books of poetry like the Great Nostradamus wrote almost 500 years ago.

In Book I of the Quatrains of Sollog is Chapter 1 Quatrain 18

This is that verse about the death of the Queen and how the world would mourn her passing and remember the number ONE and 18. He intentionally used ONE for the number 1. So add ONE to 18.

1 8 the first two numbers he used to show the date of Diana’s death 1 8 3.

1 + 8 = 9 so we have 8 or 8th add 1 you have 9, the Queen died on 8/9 in Euro dating and the death of the Queen Sollog Prophecy had the number you can create from the numbers he put in her death verse, just like he did with Princess Diana.

These two Royal Deaths now cement Sollog as the greatest seer in history.

His other famous hits are

OK City Bombing


2004 Tsunami


He predicted many ther events in his Prophecies, but two deaths that stopped the world like Diana’s and the Queen did, were clearly predicted by Sollog.

Hail Sollog

Hail Sollog 

Hail Sollog


Here is the Quatrain


The world mourns on one and eighteen

How sad it is the death of a queen

The young prince shall rise even though he is quite green

He has a short reign due to a defective gene



These are some Quatrains after the death of the Queen appears. Written in 2005, some are clear events that have already passed. Othere are nigh sighs SOLLOG.

Quatrains of SOLLOG

Each year the world mourns for those lost on eleven and nine
A large group shall be killed at the shrine
The number will be close to sixty-nine
This tragic day will make many see my words as divine

Historic quakes cause such misery
The worst in mans history
Such things are not a mystery
They follow simple Geometry

Great quakes strike two famous cities at once
Now listen as I give you a hunch
This is not for any who wear the hat of a dunce
Los Angeles and New York City are the one-two punch

The great quake shall hit Phoenix
The land becomes polluted from a cracked nuke reactor
Tragedy hits the man who stole Xenix from Unix
Tragedy hits the actor who played the terminator

The birth of the great mother is in reverse
Many shall be sacrificed due to this verse
Behold I command the earth to shake
Behold the date of the great quake

Miami is the city of I AM
Tragedy hits Eminem, beware of Sam
A historic hurricane is the fate of Miami
Many die there who have won a grammy

There is a famous whore named Madonna
She thinks she has found Nirvana
That is why she smokes Marijuana
Whore beware of the nana named Joanna

The wingless bird is high in the sky
So many tall famous men must die
I warned them not to fly
Many shall cry and say why

New York City shall be struck by a dirty nuke
So many sick that can only puke
First they say the warning was from a kook
Then most say the warning was not a fluke

Behold my name shall be broadcast in all media
Behold my suit shall destroy Wikipedia
Behold my name shall be in every encyclopedia
Behold my world fame starts first in India

Corpus Christi is struck by a historic hurricane (It was by Harvey in 2017)
I begin my reign while so many lay writhing in pain
Watch as my fame make tremendous gains
The more that are slain the more I attain

13 is the number of Death throughout the Universe
31 is the number of God in Reverse
Soon one I have named shall be in a hearse
That is the power of my curse



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