Sollog Books
Sollog Books

Sollog Books

Sollog Books

Sollog has authored over 100 books on a myriad of topics released under his name Sollog as the author. They include books on the Paranormal, Prophecy, Religion and the Occult as well as other topics. He has authored Books under all several pen names including Dr. Sol Adoni of which many are academic works and business books.

Some of the popular Works include:


Sollog Books

prophecies2009Prophecies of Sollog

Prophecies of Sollog

Prophecies of Nostradamus

True Prophecies of Nostradamus

Ancient Mystery Famous Ancient Mysteries

Lost Ancient Civilizations

OOPAS Out Of Place Artifacts

Solstice Lines

Chi Iota Sigma – True Number of the Beast

Anunnaki Conspiracy

Hologram Universe

The Creator Formula

The Proof of GOD

Prime Algorithm

CIA Project Bitcoin

Sollog has released in total over 100 Books under several pen names. Many were released as Business Books and academic works.

Sollog Fiction Series

There are two major series of Sollog fiction, one series deals with the lost civilizations of the earth and is titled ATLANTIAS.



The other Sollog series of fiction is titled THEE END, it deals with the future cataclysmic end of our modern world.

bookcover-mediumTHEE END

You can Dowloand Sollog’s Books at

Sollog Books







Messiah ERASED from Bibles


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