Judgment Prophecy

Judgment Prophecy


Judgment is Nigh

Judgment is God’s Wrath

Judgment is the end of 99.9% of humanity

Judgment is Here


Behold the Great Quakes of SOLLOG

Behold the Great Hurricane of SOLLOG

Behold Washington DC is Nuked

Behold the Great Asteroid Strikes Earth


The 3 Great Quake Lines of SOLLOG

Shall Shake and Take Millions of Lives

Massive Quakes Level Major Cities

SOLLOG is God’s Word


Miami is laid to waste by a Hurricane

Broward County is Destroyed as well

The Greatest Hurricane in History destroys South Florida

SOLLOG is God’s Word


Washington DC is no more

Nuclear Terrorism destroys DC

The Politicians are all dead

SOLLOG is God’s Word


The Asteroid Strikes the Earth

The Tsunami’s level nuclear reactors

The sun goes dark for years

99.9% of Humanity is DEAD


SOLLOG is God’s Word

SOLLOG is God’s Word

SOLLOG is God’s Word

SOLLOG is God’s Word


Written on 715 2021 c.e.


The Word of GOD




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