Summer Solstice Astral Vision

On the Summer Solstice I had an astral travel vision

I saw a great quake in Asia

A tall building collapsed and body parts were in pieces everywhere

The 3 Great Quake lines I have warned about are active

All 3 Great Quake Lines control the Triangle of Fire that humans miss call a ring or circle of fire

These 3 Quake Lines are SOLSTICE LINES that control Great Quakes and the energy lines of the 3 Quake Lines are where many planes crash and boats disappear. Solstice Lines create death zones and form Triangles of Death

I gave the exact date of the Great Nepal Quake in my Blood Red Moon Prophecy at Passover

This Asian quake will strike within 31 days of the Summer Solstice this year

This is the second historic quake I am giving exact information about this year

I gave exact details of the 2004 Tsunami

I gave exact details of the Fukushima Nuclear event and quake

In the history of this planet I will be known as the Great Quake Predictor

I see these events in my Astral Travels

I use Astral Crystals in my Astral Meditations

Here are my quake predictions


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Written Summer Solstice 2015



Messiah ERASED from Bibles


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