Sollog suffers major injury Doctors call it a MIRACLE

Messiah ERASED from Bibles


Sollog Injury a MIRACLE

Sollog suffered a major trauma injury recently when his eye socket was pierced by a tree branch.

The branch entered his eye socket and shattered a bone in his face where his sinus cavity is.

The doctor’s who treated Sollog in an emergency room all agreed the fact that the eyeball of Sollog miraculously was not pierced by the large object that entered his skull through his eye socket was a MIRACLE in how the object did not destroy his eye.

It is still uncertain if Sollog will have permanent vision or eye muscle problems from the incident, but thus far doctors expect Sollog’s eye to be able to be used to some degree if not a full recovery.

Sollog who is often hailed as the ‘New Nostradamus’ is famous for his prophecies and the famous Nostradamus Prophecy about King Henri II was connected to a similar injury in which a large piece of wood entered the eye socket of the King as well as it did Sollog.

Modern antibiotics as well as essential oils are being used to treat the injury for possible infection.

Sollog recently had a major illness connected to Toxic Black Mold exposure as well.

Sollog is resting and will hopefully make a full recovery soon.

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Doctors are amazed how such a large object penetrated the eye socket of Sollog and didn’t destroy his eye immediately.

Messiah ERASED from Bibles


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