Trump Win Shocks World Stock Markets

Trump Blows
Trump Blows

Trump Win Shocks World Stock Markets

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The reality of  a Trump Win has shocked world stock markets.

Blacks who turned out in droves to support Obama in Dade county Florida stayed home and the result was Trump took the rural white areas in Florida despite a historic turnout of Hispanic voters in heavy democratic counties like Broward in Florida.

Florida was the key state that enabled a win for Trump.

What does it mean?

Trump has said it’s time for countries like Japan and Saudi Arabia to pay up for decades  of the US taxpayers supporting those countries with heavy military costs that allowed the Saudi’s and Japanese to flourish.

Trump has vowed to bring an end to the unfair trade deals the USA has with China and bring jobs back to US factories.

Russia loves the prospects of a Trump presidency.

Trump has a zero tolerance for Muslims and terrorists and has vowed to wipe out Muslim extremists.

Trump is the last gasp of white elitist male rule in the United States as his brazen remarks caught on an open Microphone showed. His opinion of females is “Grab ’em by the pussy”.

History shows when a civilization is near its end it elects to be lead by females. This is historical fact so the stalling of having a female President signals the USA is not quite ready to fold.

Will Trump make America great again?

His economic plan will motivate big money companies to stay in the USA and pay a minor tax.

Will it mean good jobs for Americans?

Time will tell, but a Trump presidency means good things for US companies that put MADE IN USA on its goods.

It probably means inflation due to paying US workers high wages to make stuff for US consumers to consume instead of sending all the manufacturing jobs overseas.

Can the person who has had more multi-billion dollar bankruptcies in history really make the broken American economy work again?

Trump will create change, the change will be the USA will be controlled by a mega-billionaire with old school misogynistic mannerisms that only a man who owned multiple ‘beauty pageants’ could have.

US companies that get Trump economics will get rich and the liberal media and Hollywood activists will now feel the wrath of a megalomaniac who has become the most powerful man in the world.

The youth and minorities will turn urban US cities into violent areas of political protest as the Heil Trump era of isolationism by the USA begins.

Hatred is what I see for the next 4 to 8 years, it will become okay to say racist and bigoted things again since the white majority has spoken, we want Trump and all his ugly warts and vulgarities.

God has cursed America and Donald Trump is proof.

Expect riots in urban US cities over the Trump win.

Expect world stocks to crash.


Yet, big companies may do well in a Trump USA and if Trump does what he says, REBUILD US ROADS AND BRIDGES AND TUNNELS, lots of Americans can have construction jobs soon.



Trump Frauds
Trump Frauds




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